Targeted Web Advertising

In October 2014 we expect to have a total reach of 862,627.  We plan to have posted 8,943 news articles. We expect to have 156,140 Page Views, and a Twitter Reach of over 706,488.  People come to our website to read news.  Therefore, this is a very targeted audience.

We have recently rolled out our Smart Banner program.  Each advertiser can choose key words or tags based upon their package (See List of Tags Here).  All news stories have up to 10 tags. When someone views a news story that has a tag that your banner is tied to, your banner will be added to the rotation for that tag for the header 728×90 and for position #1 of the right margin 250×250 banners.  This is a great addition as it now shows your banner to more relevant readers, and the chances of a click are much greater.

To keep things simple, we have 2 basic Ad Package with some options.  Note that there are 5 zones per page, and they are numbered 1-5 from top to bottom. 

Package 1: ($195/month)

  • Zones 1 – 5 on home page and regular website 
  • Zones 2, 4 & 5 on News Articles
  • We will post one Press Release / Product Announcement to our site and distribute it to our social network every 3 months (Provided by Client)

Package 2: ($295/month)

  • Package 1 Plus:
  • Zones 1 & 3 on all articles, these are smart banners
  • Up to 2 Keywords to attach to smart banners
  • A Landing Page on our website to help drive traffic to your site from Google/Bing/Yahoo.  Note that this page is only viewable and searchable during your subscription to this plan.  This is very powerful as it allows your company to take advantage of our high rankings in Google, Bing and Yahoo.  This page can have links to your website, can have links to pdf brochures, and can even have a contact form that will send you an email when filled out. This page is typically indexed by Google, Bing and Yahoo within a couple days of creation (due to the nature of search engines, we cannot guarantee indexing or ranking on these search engines). 
  • We will post up one Press Release / Product Announcement to our site and distribute it to our social network every calendar month (Provided by client).  Note that this is not cumulative, if you miss a month, you lose that month.

Banner Sizes by Zone:

Zones 1 & 5: 728 x 90
Zones 2, 3 & 4: 250 x 300


  • Additional tags for 728×90 banner in header ($25/month) [Available only with package 2]
  • Additional tags for 250×250 banner in position 1 of right sidebar ($30/month) [Available only with package 2]
  • Each extra press release distribution ($55)

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